Premier Equine Bi-Polar Magni-Teque Hoof Boots


Available at Naylors


Premier Equine Bi-Polar Magni-Teque Hoof Boots are designed to improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, help the recovery of tired muscles, stimulate oxygen supply to tissue in the body and soothe aches and pains. The magnetic therapy in these boots can also alleviate symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism, stimulate the production of elastin and collagen which is essential in repairing damaged tissue and the development of new healthy cells.

Build up use gradually, starting with half an hour to 1 hour, building up to 4 hours per day for optimum treatment

  • DO NOT use for more than 12 hours at a time
  • Hand wash only in cool water with mild soap, rinse thoroughly and dry naturally
  • DO NOT use during exercise, the horse must be at rest with a regular heart rate

WARNING! DO NOT use for / on:

  • Open wounds
  • During pregnancy (mare and ladies)
  • Mare in foal
  • Near pacemakers


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