Equine Marketing Services

Here at HG Equestrian, we don't just focus on ourselves. We're here to assist all types of equestrian business' and help them to flourish. Our marketing expertise can be utilised for one-off projects or support you regularly on a retainer basis.

With such a myriad of media out there it can be difficult to determine what you need, whether it is cost effective, and the sheer time it will take to set it all up and manage it. HG Equestrian can guide you through this, as we've been through it ourselves, determining what you need, where you can add value and maximise your appeal.

We have experience and expertise in all of the following areas, just click on one to jump down the page and find out more. Once you have, drop Andrew a line at andrew@hgequestrian.com with details of your requirements and we can take it from there.

Website Design & Build

Not got your own website yet? Was it developed a while ago and not moved with the times? Perhaps you have loads of great content, but need it to be responsive to desktop, tablet and mobile phone screen sizes? Well don't worry, HG Equestrian can help with your website build. We can work with you to build from scratch, re-build or enhance an existing site.

We can guide you through the full spectrum, from setting up and managing your hosting, to providing you with custom email addresses and taking online entries.

Hosting & Domain Name

We can set up your hosting with the most cost effective and reliable provider and purchase that all important domain (by domain we mean the address of your site - like https;//hgequestrian.com!)


We can make sure that your site is secure and encrypts any data that is being passed through it.


We can set you up with custom email addresses to match your business. No more gmail.com, yahoo.com or btinternet.com addresses for you business. You can have yourname@yourbusiness.com or any combination you choose.


We can set your site up to be responsive to different screen sizes, fully branded with your business' logo and fonts. And if you don't have a logo or consistent brand at the moment we can help you create and build one. This will make sure that you are recognisable both on and offline.


We can build a shopping cart and products if you have items you want to sell online through your website. Indeed we can make this the focus of your site should you need to promote key products, new products or special offers.

Online Payments

We can even help you set up your online payment gateways, like PayPal, Stripe or other provider. We've been through the process of integrating APIs from various providers - so you could be selling online in no time.

Online Entries & Event Schedules

Are you a yard or equestrian venue which is still taking cash payments for event entries; and struggling to chase up those persons who forget to pay on the day? We can add online entries to your website that can also be paid online. We've worked with the likes of Horse Monkey and My Riding Life on previous integrations. You can have control over the closing dates and whether your want to allow late entries and where you do, charge more for them.

Arena Bookings

Have you got facilities which you hire out? We can set up an online booking system so that can hire out arenas and accept payments for them online. No more "checking the board" and accidental double bookings. Anyone booking online would be able to see the slots already filled and adjust accordingly.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Paid Search Advertising

You'll probably have heard someone mention "SEO" at some point in time but thought to yourself what's that? Boiling it down, it's about making sure that your website and associated online activity are done in such a way that when people search online for a business like yours ("Google" you), you appear high up in the results (preferably the very top). That way it is more likely that people will visit your site.

There are a whole host of things that can contribute to your position within the search rankings. Links to your site, links from your site, your social media presence, google maps and my business presence, the quality of your web content and its very structure. There is no one killer way of helping you reach the top, but rather many things you can do on an ongoing basis to keep you ahead of the competition.

Thankfully HG Equestrian has been through the lot already, and can help you get all the basics in place from the very start.

Search Engine Consoles

We can get your site registered with the relevant search engines - yes there are still one or two other's out there besides Google. And make sure that your site map (a directory of the pages that make up your site) is provided so the search engines know all about your site.

SEO Audits

If we haven't been involved in the design and build phase, we can review your site and look for issues in terms of its structure, content and link profile. We can identify points of weakness and recommend changes to improve your site's visibility to search engines.

Maps and Places

If you haven't already set up, or claimed, your business profile we can help you do it. Make sure prospective users of your facilities can find you easily, and get directions to your location by having a Google/Bing Maps listing. We can flesh this out further with full place listings with photos, opening time information and more. And if you have an on-site cafe why not list it too - take advantage of all avenues open to you!

Merchant Centre

We can help you get your products listed by Google, so they appear in search results with product images. We've used the Merchant Centre with previous clients and can help you set up effective, easy to maintain, product listings.


If you want to know how your website is performing and how people are interacting with it, we can set up all the relevant analytics for you and provide you with monthly performance reports.

Paid Search Advertising

Another way to rank highly in search engine results is to pay for the privilege. This is done through targeting specific key words or combinations of them. You can target very broad searches or be very specific with phrase matching. The most relevant approach for you will depend on your objective. HG Equestrian can help you identify the key words suitable for your business and objective, and also undertake competitor research to understand which words they are targeting.

The world has seemingly become so much smaller through the advent of social media, but it can be a minefield to navigate and make best use of it. HG Equestrian can help you grow your social media presence, build it into your website and expand the number of people following you.

From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to LinkedIn and YouTube, HG Equestrian can help you set up a presence, control who can do what on your pages and make sure it is all "on-brand".

Cover Images & Profile Pictures

These used to be fairly straight-forward, but now getting the perfect cover image across all device types is a little trickier. We can help you ensure that your super cool cover when viewed on a laptop is still super cool when it appears on a mobile phone, or even a TV screen! We can provide you with perfectly formatted images to suit the broadest range of devices and ensure your brand and message isn't compromised.

Security & Reputation

We can guide you through the set up that is best for your business. If you don't want comments and discussions on your posts and simply want to get your message out, then we can show you how to take control. If on the other hand you want as much engagement as possible we can also show you some great ways of achieving that.

Content, Posts and Timing

At HG Equestrian we know exactly how time consuming it can be to write the perfect post, but we can show you ways of getting ahead of the game by using effective scheduling. We can schedule certain pre-prepared posts in advance and stagger their release to various social media media over a given time frame.

Advertising and Pixel Schmixles

You might have read about the Facebook pixel and all the great ways you can utilise it to re-target people who have visited your page or site - great - but getting the little blighter set up can be a different story! HG Equestrian can sort it for you and show you loads of amazing ways to target potential customers, using all the fantastic advertising opportunities available.

Social Analytics

With a wealth of data available from so many sources, HG Equestrian can bring them together for you so you have a clean, efficient set-up without duplication, repetition, and any erroneous stats from your own testing!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still massive, not a day (or even hour) goes by without an offer, special or new arrival update from the plethora of Equestrian stores. But putting in place effective email marketing isn't easy. You need to consider your subscriber segmentation, and ensure you have the data about them to break it down how you want. There are loads of great ways to target repeat purchasers - for instance those who have just bought a 30 day supplement supply, and reminding them 20 days after about a buying another. HG Equestrian can help you choose the right email provider so you get the most cost effective solution. We can also put together your automated email funnels and set up your templates, so once again you have consistency and continuity of brand.

Offline marketing media

We aren't all about online at HG Equestrian, sometimes the old ways can be the best ways. We can help you stay on-brand with banner-stand design, brochures, flyers and even lorry liveries!

Amazon & Ebay Stores

If you are a business selling products and you'd like to expand your reach, then an Amazon or Ebay store could be a great idea. With fulfilment by Amazon, you can send stock to them in bulk and let them worry about the shipping of goods when the orders come rolling in. With an Ebay store you can use their Global Shipping Program, you stay in control of your stock and simply send it to the Ebay distribution hub in the UK which does the rest - worldwide if need.

We've set up Amazon and Ebay stores for past clients and can guide you through the set up.