I cater for all ages and abilities, and travel island-wide to provide lessons. Whilst most clients prefer a 1-1 session, I will happily work with pairs and offer joint lessons.

Lessons normally last for 60 minutes, allowing you time to warm-up, cool-down and for us to have a little debrief. We'll look at what to work on for next time and how to work through any particular issues.

What to expect on your first lesson

If this is your first lesson with me, there will be a few things I'll want to know before we get started and a few things I'll be looking at initially before we get into session:

1. Horse type, age, length of time owned
2. Current routine
3. Problems or issues
4. Goals and targets
5. Amount of work per week
6. Pre-exisiting injuries or return from a period off


If your horse requires training, re-schooling, or simply requires an experienced leg to get it going then I'm available to help. Riding sessions cost just the same as a normal lesson.

I am also happy to offer a "bootcamp" service where I can professionally school your horse over a number of days back-to-back, or short-term basis as needed.

However even if you are just jetting off for some well earned R&R, but want to keep you horse or pony in work, I am happy to provide holiday cover working your horse on a pre-agreed schedule during the period you are away.

Alternatively if you just need a helping hand to get a youngster going, can't ride for a medical reason, or are lacking time due to work commitments, I can exercise your horse as required.


In addition if you want or need your horse to compete locally or in the UK, I can help too. All arrangements in this regard will be on a tailored basis, customised to suit all parties. Check out the Competing section for more info.

Individual Lessons
60 minutes
Riding Sessions
60 minutes
Joint Lessons
60 minutes for 2 persons